About us

Who we are:                                                                                                                             

Amsterdam Beach Rentals is a platform for Zandvoort Landlords. That's why we can offer you a hole variety of lovely apartments, houses and studio's. We think you'll like them a lot! 

Zandvoort is sometimes also called "Amsterdam Beach".  That's how we found our name!

For any questions or reservations please contact us via mail@amsterdambeachrentals.com  Or by phone: +31 6 1568 62 33

Why go to Zandvoort:       

Zandvoort is a great place to stay for it self but also the best alternative stay for a trip to Amsterdam. It's only 27 minutes by train. So in daytime you can watch a real "Van Gogh" and in the evening-time sip on your cocktail at the beach. In other words it's much more relaxed to stay over in Zandvoort, and cheaper aswel! Combine seeing with being and stay in Zandvoort...

Activities:                                                                                                                                       Zandvoort has a lovely town center with little shops and restaurants. You can also rent a bike and explore the National Parks; "Kennemerduinen and Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen", which embedded Zandvoort. Zandvoort has a lot of Beachclubs in summer, where you can have great food and drinks and even have a dance sometimes. 

If you like dancing a lot just go to Bloemendaal aan Zee, just 5 minutes by bus away. 

Did you know that Zandvoort also has a Nude Beach ?      

There a still a a few beach-clubs left in winter, so after you have a nice long walk you can go there to relax and go for a nice meal, or just a hot coco. 

We also have a great Race-track "Circuit Park Zandvoort", Owned by a member of the Dutch Royal family. There are organized a lot of activities and festivities there, like DTM and Historic Grand Prix. Maybe you want to get your race-license?

In Zandvoort it's also possible to learn how to Wave-, or Kitesurf. And you van even get your PADI.

During the hole year there are a lot of festivities and activities. Check out:  http://www.vvvzandvoort.com/events/ 

If you feel like visiting the surroundings by train; it is only approximately 10 minutes to Haarlem" and to just 27 minutes to go to "Amsterdam Centraal." 

Holiday in Zandvoort is: beach, sea, healthy air and lots of nature! Cozy restaurants, Cafe's, shops, boutiques, subtropical swimming pool, train station, Race-track and lots of Beachbars. Golf / Swimming / Diving/ Surfing / Fishing / Walking / Biking / Fitness. And has a lot of culture around the corner.

Airport:                                                                                                                                              Zandvoort is just 24 km away from Schiphol Airport.

The History of Zandvoort:                                                                                                                    It's nice to know that the railway line is built to Zandvoort Bath by wealthy Jewish families from Amsterdam, in late 1800, to spent the summer here. Because Zandvoort became so populair even Empress Sissi came here for her summer vacation, you can see a memorial bust of here on the boulevard. Before that it was just a little fisherman's town, what you still can see back in the Centre of the village.

Unfortunately is the boulevard broken down in the Second World War, to make the Atlantic Wall. So there aren't any of the old buildings left there. But there is a promenade to have a lovely walk on and we have al kind of great Beach-clubs where you can eat, drink and relax.